Wholesale CBD 101: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Wholesale CBD 101: 4 Things to Keep in Mind
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If you run a yoga studio, independent pharmacy, retail wellness shop, or any business centered on promoting wellness, adding CBD to your product offerings could be an excellent idea. The best brands, like CBDistillery,™ offer CBD wholesale programs, giving business owners the opportunity to stock high-quality products at a price point that makes sense for their business and consumers. Before jumping in headfirst, keep these four things in mind: 

Where Does Hemp-Derived CBD Fit Into Your Business? 

If you run a yoga studio, offering CBD oil might be a winning choice as many people enjoy it before or after a yoga session. Whatever your business specialty is, it’s important to stock products you know will sell. One of the benefits of CBD is that it’s versatile and applies to various lifestyles. Consider how these products will fit into your business model and how they can help support your client and customer needs. 

Will a Certain Product Sell Better or Should You Stock a Selection? 

Once you know that CBD is a potential fit for your business, it helps to understand which types of products to stock. Some businesses might benefit from offering a wide variety of products, including tinctures, gummies, topicals, and more. Other businesses might only see topical products as complementary to their services and other products. It all depends on what your existing service and product offerings are. 

As with any new product offering, you won’t know what’s popular with your customers until you stock them. Start with a small selection, take note of what seems to be more popular among your customer base, and scale your orders accordingly. 

Do You Truly Believe in the Product?  

The most important thing to consider is that you truly believe in the product you’re selling. Do you enjoy it yourself? Are you confident in recommending it to your loyal clients and customers? Honest business is good business, so stock CBD you know and love personally and can speak knowledgeably about when customers have questions. If CBD fits your business model and you can be a trusted expert, stocking wholesale CBD might be the right choice for your business and your customers.   

What Perks Do You Need From a Wholesale Partner? 

Some brands might be looking for a private label wholesale partner with the goal of putting their own brand on the products. More commonly, however, wellness businesses want to offer a well-known brand because they may be a well-respected and familiar brand for their customers. In addition to the brand’s logo gracing your shelves, you might desire other perks from your  wholesale CBD partner. For example, you might need marketing materials to help display and advertise your new offerings, which can help increase your product sales. CBDistillery™ offers great bulk prices and other perks to help CBD fly off your shelves. 

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