What Using Delta-8 THC Feels Like The First Time

What Using Delta-8 THC Feels Like The First Time
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Full Effects of the Delta-8 THC Gummies

I’ve taken weed gummies a few times in my life (maybe 4 times?) and I can honestly say the Delta-8 high was such a pleasant experience. I felt the same heady feeling and lethargy from weed, but was still mentally clear-headed and very calm. For me, I experience a firm pressure in my sinuses when I get high, along with a slight pressure on the back of my skull. I experienced a bit of cottonmouth, but nothing that was uncomfortable. I noticed that it hurt slightly to move my eyes quickly and that staring at a smartphone screen caused my eyes to slightly lose focus. I was extremely relaxed, very lethargic, and had no real desire to move at all. Yet, I knew that I had the clarity and ability to get up if I needed to. I forced myself to get up and finish my laundry, but I distinctly remember the feeling of being very annoyed to be on my feet and moving. I wanted to be laying down and relaxed! I noted that the task of doing my laundry seemed to sway between taking forever and taking the expected amount of time. Once I finished my laundry, I went back to lying down.

Once I was back to lying down, I could really appreciate the heavy feeling and felt the high intensify over the next hour. Time seemed to move by peacefully. I had moments where reality would gradually fade away into nothing, but in the next instant I felt alert and awake. Then the haze slowly drifted back down on me like a gentle rain cloud. Some moments I would feel like I was sinking into my bed, but then effortlessly coming back up, almost like being on a waterbed. The whole experience was like weed without the anxiety or nervousness. I felt more creative and descriptive in my thoughts, and noticed that my sense of touch was heightened in a very pleasurable way. At times I would feel sleepy yet fully alert, conscious that this was one of the effects of Delta-8.

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