How to Find the Best CBD Vape Pens

How to Find the Best CBD Vape Pens
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CBD companies started selling CBD vape pens when vaping became trendy a few years ago. Now people use them to manage anxiety, pain, and stress. 

Finding a high-quality CBD vape pen is difficult with the countless options in the market. But this guide will help you decide as it discusses the essential features to look for and the top products.

Bottom Line Upfront

I’ve tried several of the vape pens on this list. Still, I have to say, I loved the CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade CBD because it’s super easy to use, and the flavor was awesome.

Top Picks

CBDfx is the editor’s choice because its user-friendly vape pens are available in multiple flavors and made of high-quality ingredients.

Avida offers their vape pens at a discounted price if you purchase in a set of six or more. 

Best Rechargeable Vape Pen: Vessel Formula Series

Vessel Formula is a top recommendation for anyone who prefers rechargeable over disposable CBD vape pens.

The compact and elegant vape pen from KandyPens resembles a writing pen so you can keep your CBD lifestyle confidential. It also has a carrying case to hide and protect the device.

UWELL gives you the option to vape with or without buttons. The beginner-friendly starter kit also includes two mesh coils to boost flavor. 

What is a Vape Pen?

A CBD vape pen is a small gadget that heats a small tank with CBD to create vapor. It mimics a cigarette or joint operation, except it uses a battery.

This tiny device looks like a pen that fits your pocket. It’s often cylindrical or rectangular with a cartridge inside. It also includes a mouthpiece, charging port, battery, and sometimes buttons. 

There’s a few types of CBD vape pens. However, we can divide them into two primary categories.

Refillable Vape Pen

The refillable vape pen is a CBD vape pen that you can use several times. Refill it with your CBD e-juice and recharge it so the power stays. It looks similar to other vape pens, but you can remove the cartridge when it’s empty. 

Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape pen has pre-loaded vape juice inside with a pre-charged battery. It’s the ideal choice for beginners because there’s no need to refill a cartridge, add coils, and recharge. 

These vape pens usually last anywhere between 200 to 400 puffs. Once it’s empty, you toss it away and purchase another one.

How Do You Use a Vape Pen?

The instructions for using a vape pen depend on the brand and model. Most of the time, they’re straightforward. Press a button to activate the pen and inhale from the mouthpiece.

The vaporized CBD will enter your mouth, which you should exhale. Be gentle withdrawing from the vape pen so you can manage the effects according to your liking. Only perform quickdraws when you’re a new CBD user.

Some CBD vape pens have buttons that allow you to adjust the temperature or use of CBD inside the tank. Increase your frequency of vaping once you’re used to its effects. 

Are All Vape Pens the Same?

Vape pens come in different types. Aside from being either rechargeable or disposable, CBD vape pens also differ in potency. Some brands have one product name but offer diverse strengths.

CBD vape cartridges can also be broad-spectrum carts, full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. Broad-spectrum CBD features total cannabinoids, while full-spectrum has some terpenes and cannabinoids. CBD isolates contain soft flavors but with high amounts of CBD.

What Can You Smoke in a Vape Pen?

What Can You Smoke in a Vape Pen

You can use CBD vape juice, liquid, or e-juice when smoking in a vape pen. Technically, these liquids are not in the form of oil, even though the packaging says “CBD vape oil.”

So, what’s a CBD vape oil? It’s a term for any vape juice with CBD. It’s a misnomer since CBD vape juice does not contain oil. 

CBD vape juices are not the same as CBD oils. You can use CBD vape liquid as tinctures, but CBD oils are not for vaping.

There are also CBD vape additives that you can mix with your vape juice. They may add interesting flavors or increase the potency for a different effect. 

Pros and Cons to CBD Vape Pen

Vaping has become famous over the last few years as a substitute for smoking. Take a look at the pros and cons of vaping CBD.

Pros to CBD Vape Pen

Vaping CBD makes it easier for the CBD to reach your bloodstream. The vapor quickly enters your body so you can achieve relaxation, bliss, focus, and other benefits.

Consuming 25mg of CBD edible is less impactful than vaping 25mg of CBD. That’s because your digestive system doesn’t have to metabolize the contents of the vapor to take effect.

Most CBD vape pens also have flavorings for a pleasant taste. They are more enjoyable to consume than tinctures.

Cons to CBD Vape Pen

The most significant disadvantage of using CBD vape pens is their side effects. Studies about CBD vape’s impact on your health are still developing, but some people report drowsiness and diarrhea.

Some vape pens are also tricky to use. The temperature settings, chargers, cartridges, and coils can be complicated for a new user. 

It’s best to start with low to medium potency of CBD when you’re a beginner. Inhale only every five to ten minutes, and increase frequency as you get used to it. 

What to Look for in a CBD Vape Pen

With all the available products in the market, it can be challenging to know what you should look for in a CBD vape pen. Use these criteria to examine whether the device is worth buying or not.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Lab test results are a vital consideration when buying anything with CBD. Disposable vape pens already come pre-filled, so it’s best to ensure that it’s free from contaminants. 

The laboratory tests must display the various ingredients of the CBD vape juice. It should also contain comprehensive information on the potency of the liquid. Always check these documents because companies sometimes claim to have a higher concentration than they do.


Premium-quality ingredients are essential for an optimal CBD experience and safety. A disposable vape pen arrives at your doorstep ready to use, so make sure you know what’s inside it. 

My top recommendations all come from high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients. Their packaging includes a complete list of ingredients, along with the type of CBD and dosage. 

Hemp Source

CBD companies earn more trust when they openly share their hemp source. It lets users decide whether it’s a good source or not. Some even grow their plants for quality assurance. 

If the company has a hemp supplier for their vape pens and other products, they should disclose it on the website. Look for recognized farms in the US that grow high-quality hemp.


The user interface of the brand’s website also matters when you’re buying online. Make sure it looks professional, visually pleasing, and has strong branding. It should also be easy to navigate to make your shopping experience more pleasing. 


The final factor to consider is the price. Never sacrifice the quality and safety of CBD for the sake of low cost. But you can never go wrong with companies that offer incentives for first-time buyers, free shipping, and discount codes.

The Best CBD Vape Pens

CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen 250MG

Editor’s ChoiceCBDfx Strawberry Lemonade CBD Vape Pen 250MG.

CBDfx is undeniably one of the best vape pens to try. The top brand offers six delicious flavors that are lab-tested to ensure that the product doesn’t contain contaminants. The vape pens also don’t have fillers and harmful additives. 

CBD Content: 250mg at 1ml capacity.
Best Feature: Rich, fruity flavors.
Price Range: $23-$25.
Warranty: 60 days.

The Strawberry Lemonade flavor is excellent for those who enjoy sweeter tastes while puffing. Hit it once, and you’ll taste a mix of fruity and tangy notes with a sugary exhale. If you don’t like the fruity taste of CBD, CBDfx is also available in Fresh Mint.

This vape pen discretely arrives at your doorstep fully charged and mixed. It’s a super convenient way to get your CBD because there’s no need to push a button before puffing. 


Vape pens are lab-tested.
Available in six flavors.
Disposable and discrete.


Poor customer service. 
Only one available potency.

Savage Sweet Dreams Full Spectrum CBD Pen

Savage Sweet Dreams Full Spectrum CBD Pen

Best for Evening Relaxation

Savage is one of the most trusted CBD brands for vape pens or e-juice. It’s just right they make it to this list! The Sweet Dreams line includes melatonin for nighttime destressing and a good night’s sleep. 

Grab, puff, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before it takes effect. Customers who use Savage vape pens also report less pain and more relaxation.

CBD Content: 250mg at .5ml capacity.
Best Feature: Melatonin-infused.
Price Range: $27-$29.
Warranty: none. 

The award-winning CBD offers free shipping and complete transparency in its lab reports. Manufacturers also guarantee that they ethically source all-natural ingredients.


Free shipping fee.
All products are lab-tested.
Includes melatonin for bedtime use.


 Avida CBD Vape Pen Bundle

 Avida CBD Vape Pen Bundle

Best Bundle

Avida contains CBD isolate for a more powerful CBD concentration than other brands. It has 11 mouth-watering flavored pens and a flavorless one.

Choose a combination of 6 or more e-juices so you can enjoy their bestsellers. Avida’s award-winning flavorist carefully mixed all of them so you can come back for more! 

CBD Content: 100mg at 1ml capacity
Best Feature: Discounted price for the bundle.
Price Range: $238-$240.
Warranty: 30 days. 

Each pen claims to offer 100 to 300 draws. Customer reviews and experiences regarding the battery are different because it depends on how hard the user hits. But the brand promises that the products last long.


Available in 11 flavors and one unflavored.
Lab-tested for safety and purity.


Vessel Formula Series

Vessel Formula Series

Best Rechargeable Vape Pen

If you would rather go for a rechargeable vape pen than a disposable one, Vessel’s Formula Series is worth a try. This vape pen fits 510 thread cartridges. You can choose your favorite juice to set it up and puff.

Best Feature: USB magnetic charging port
Price Range: NA
Warranty: 60 days, limited.

Vessel comes in sleek packaging, including a USB magnetic charging port and cable. The pen has three LEDs to show the battery life and settings. It also runs on a 240mAh lithium-ion rechargeable core. 


Rechargeable vape pen.
Durable cartridge design.
Excellent customer service.


Davinci Miqro Vaporizer

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer

Best for Personalization

Davinci Miqro is another rechargeable vape with more settings to fit your lifestyle. Customize your CBD experience by using the device’s three distinct control options. Switch to Boost Mode, Temperature Control, or Smart Paths with just a click of the button.

Best Feature: Zirconium Airflow System.
Price Range: $98-$100.
Warranty: none.

Adjust the oven size so you can use less herb with every puff. Davinci’s vaporizer also gives you the option to engrave on the device for an additional $10. Choose your favorite color and add your favorite CBD juice!


High customizable.
Removable batteries. 
Premium airflow system.


 Wink Wink CBD Vape Cartridge for Pain/Anxiety

 Wink Wink CBD Vape Cartridge for Pain/Anxiety

Best for Anxiety

Wink’s disposable vapor pen includes natural hemp oils and terpenes minus the harmful fillers and THC. The company is famous for using natural flavors, so the taste is dominantly plant-like rather than sweet or fruity.

CBD Content: 150mg hemp oil at 0.5g capacity.
Best Feature: natural plant-like taste with slight flavor.
Price Range: $43-$45.
Warranty: 5 days.

The minimalist vape pens can soothe pain and anxiety. It relaxes your whole self without the intoxicating effect. 

Wink’s flavor names are also interesting. Some of them include Bubblewish, Cupcake, Tangibright, and Birthday Cake. Everything is safe and lab-tested, with a premium battery from C-Cell!


Lab-tested vapor pens.
Includes high-quality hemp oil and natural terpenes.
Ten natural flavors.
The brand supports a cause regarding breast cancer.


 KandyPens Special-K

 KandyPens Special-K

Most Discreet

KandyPens’ Special-K isn’t your average CBD vape pen. At first, the pen looks like a writing pen that you can hide in your pencil case. But it’s a rechargeable vape pen that features three settings for its voltage battery. 

Best Feature: Gold glass oil tank.
Price Range: $98-$100.
Warranty: Lifetime for the battery

The handmade device includes a carrying case to protect it from elements. It runs on a 650mAh battery and is not intended for nicotine e-liquid.


Sophisticated design.
Lifetime warranty.


High price range.
Poor battery life.

UWELL Whirl S Starter Kit

UWELL Whirl S Starter Kit

Best for Beginners

UWELL’s Whirl S is the best rechargeable vape pen for beginners because it uses air pressure sensors instead of the conventional fire button. You’ll experience double convenience with this tool because of the easy-to-use replacement coils.

Best Feature: Convenient Replacement Coils.
Price Range: $38-$40. 
Warranty: 60 days.

The vape pen has a magnetic tank which the user can quickly slide out of the gadget. The package also includes a type-C charging port, although you won’t always need it because of its long battery life.


Long battery life.
Large magnetic tank capacity.
Easy to use for vaping newbies.
Includes a user manual.
Affordable vape pen.



Question: How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel?

Answer: Vaping CBD makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. You can also feel less body pain from CBD vape pens.

Question: What are the Effects of CBD Vape Pen?

Answer: CBD provides a calming effect to the user without getting them high. Its side effects, including diarrhea, decreased appetites, and fatigue, lack adequate research.

Question: Are CBD Vape Pens Legal?

Answer: CBD vape pens are legal on the federal level as long as it has a maximum of 0.3% THC.

The Verdict

CBD vape pens are a simple way to dose your CBD, whether rechargeable or disposable. You can alleviate anxiety, stress, and pain with just a few puffs.

Personally, I’d go with the  CBDfx Strawberry Lemonade CBD. Which CBD vape pen are you trying first? Comment your favorite product below! Remember to follow the proper dosage recommendations to achieve your desired benefits. And if you want more great recs like this, check out our guide to the best CBD cream.

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