Extract Labs CBD: Review and Discount Coupons

Extract Labs CBD: Review and Discount Coupons
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Extract Labs and their CBD products have made it to the list of INC. magazine’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing companies. Not too shabby for a small CBD brand that was started in 2016 by an ex-Army officer in a corner of his garage.

If you read CEO Craig Henderson’s story you wouldn’t be all that surprised that Extract Labs is on a roll, however.

Twice nominated for a Bronze Star, Henderson received an ARCOM with Valor award while serving in Iraq. After his military duty, Henderson went on to earn his Master’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in thermal sciences and renewable energy.

Having worked sales for a CO2 extraction company, conducting cannabis-related research and development, Henderson had a front seat for what has become somewhat of a CBD boom.

While his path makes for a great brand story, does one man’s vision of “making products that everyone could try” deliver?

Let’s dig into CBD School’s Extract Labs brand review!

If you are looking for a CBD brand that puts its money where its mouth is then Extract Labs is the type of brand you will love making your CBD purchases from.

Not owned by a conglomerate with a ticker on the New York Stock Exchange, Extract Labs works with a small group of hemp farmers who grow their hemp in the state from which the brand hails, Colorado.

It seems that growing hemp is the only process that the brand outsources.

Extract Labs leans on Henderson’s roots and extracts, distills, isolates, formulates, packages, and ships everything in-house from Boulder, Colorado.

On top of all Extract Labs’ in-house work, the brand remains true to its vision of delivering high-quality products for all.

The brand offers a whopping 50% discount to not only military veterans but also an extensive list of professionals that have chosen a life of service.

This includes teachers, first responders, EMT/EMS, firefighters, law enforcement officers, health care workers, those with disabilities, and those with low income.

The process to get verified isn’t invasive either, so if you fall under any of the above categories it would be beneficial to reach out and sign up for your much-deserved discount.

Extensive CBD Product Categories

Most small to mid-sized CBD brands offer the basic CBD categories, usually. These staples include CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD topicals, and maybe CBD pet products.

Extract Labs, however, not only is loaded with CBD categories, we’re talking niche categories like CBD Crumble and CBD Sauce, but they also produce products that include more cannabinoids than just CBD.

Maybe it’s the vision to produce everything in-house without outsourcing, or maybe it’s their goal to produce CBD products that everyone could try.

We’re really not entirely 100% with how their product line is so evolved, but we’re glad it is!

Being able to purchase CBD Crumble or a CBN, CBD softgel blend is something we truly appreciate.

Let’s take a look at some of the categories and give you our review of their products.

When you begin to look at the individual layers of Extract Labs you begin to see that they do things slightly different than many of the other CBD brands that are on the market.

Not only can you really appreciate their founder’s background and story, but you can also appreciate that they hold true to their vision of producing CBD products that everyone can try.

Most CBD brands will produce their products utilizing one, or maybe two forms of CBD. They may produce their products with CBD isolate for most products, and also offer you a Full-spectrum CBD option.

While the majority of Extract Labs CBD tinctures are produced using full-spectrum CBD which we prefer because this formulation allows you to feel the entourage effect, they also offer a broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate formula.

Another interesting layer to the brands’ tincture offerings is that each product solely comes in one strength. No more having to figure out what strength would be best for you, Extract Labs CBD tinctures come in strengths that would be on the moderate to the high side of many CBD oil offerings by brands, ranging from 1000 mg to 2000 mg of CBD.

While we definitely appreciate a higher strength CBD tincture, many of those that are more on the beginner spectrum when it comes to CBD history, and don’t know what CBD dosage is right for them, may not feel that such a high dosage of CBD is appropriate for their needs.

If you know that a higher dosage is right for you, but you aren’t positive what CBD tincture makes sense for your condition, or you just want to try to figure out what may be best – you’re in luck. There are a few well-priced “starter packs” available for purchase.

There’s a Core CBD Starter Pack, a THC Free Starter Pack, and an Essential Cannabinoid Starter Pack that includes CBN, CBG, and CBC formulas.

Overall, we give high praise for this well-constructed CBD category and are looking forward to seeing what new cannabinoid formulas the brand releases in the future.

Utilizing the health benefits of Jojoba, Menthol, Rosemary, Lavender, Arnica, and Shea (all organic), with full-spectrum CBD oil, the Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream gets 5-star reviews from those that have used it.

Formulated with 1500mg CBD in a handy 2.95-ounce tin that makes it super easy to throw in your bag when headed to the gym or a yoga class.

While this CBD category is very limited, with only four products at the time of this review, it is a short and sweet product offering.

Two CBD topical products are produced in-house, and two are in collaboration with Oregon-based Peak Extracts.

It’s not too often you find a collab between two cannabis-based brands, but it’s good to see when two high-quality brands find a way to produce a product together, understanding where their strengths lie and pulling in another brand to assist when they know a better product can be produced.

These two CBD topicals are Rescue Rub CBD, and Rescue Rub CBG, both offered at a high strength of 2000mg.

Both are a blend of 12 terpene-rich herbs and are formulated to target muscle and joint pain. The CBG blend is 1000mg CBG and 1000 CBD, and the CBD formula is 2000mg CBD!

Pricing for all Extract Labs CBD topicals isn’t cheap, although, if you find a product that works for you you can subscribe and save a little coin.

Not many high-quality CBD brands offer a contrate line. Yes, there are a few, but this category is currently a niche of a niche which means that not many produce these types of products.

Extract Labs continues to separate itself from the competition by having a nice selection in this category.

You have the choice of strain-specific extract sauce or CBD crumble, the majority of which are Sativa-dominant strains, although, there is a hybrid and a couple of Indica-dominant strains to choose from.

While smoking isn’t the healthiest form of receiving your dose of CBD, it is one of, if not, the quickest way to feel the effects you desire from your CBD.

Also, in concentrated form, it will give you a more intense feeling which many people welcome to assist with the ailments that their body deals with.

Each product has a nice selection of terpenes added back to give you a pleasurable taste.

We’re not one to judge a brand on a sole category, however, we tend to gravitate towards CBD brands that produce a nice selection of CBD gummies.

Well, we’re in luck with Extract Labs!

Not only do they have a pretty stacked offering of CBD gummies, but they’re all vegan, come in some yummy flavors, are relatively high dosage per piece (either 33mg or 25mg depending on product), and you have the option of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or Delta-8 THC.

As usual with all Extract Labs products, they use organic when possible, which gives you a high-quality product.

The one slight downside of their gummies offering is the price per pack. The price is on the higher side when it comes to industry CBD gummies, however, when a brand uses higher-quality ingredients the consumer is going to be asked to pay a premium for the product.

On a positive note, the quality and potency are on point and if you can afford these gummies you should consider making a purchase as they not only hit the spot, but they also assist with the condition that they target.

At the time of this review, there were five Delta-8 THC gummies, each containing 40 pieces per package and 25mg Delta-8 per piece.

High-Quality CBD Brand

As we’ve mentioned ad nauseam on CBD School, brands that are transparent with every step they make are brands you should be paying attention to, and in-step purchase your products from.

Extract Labs is no different from these elevated quality brands. In fact, they go a step further by controlling everything besides growing hemp in-house.

Non-GMO Ingredients

Many brands do not pay close attention to non-CBD ingredients which can make you question a brand. Extract Labs has made it a mission to only source ingredients that are non-GMO (genetically modified), which for those of you that watch everything you put in your mouth, is something you pay close attention to.

Third-Party Lab Tested

READ: Third-Party Lab Testing for CBD – Why It’s Important

A brand that sends every batch of its product to an independent lab to be tested for cannabinoid and terpene profile, heavy metals, pesticides, and other analyses, and makes it very (very) easy to find the lab results on their website, gets a 5-star from us.

third party lab tested extract labs CBD

The brand also has a QR code on every product that makes the process of finding the Certificate of Analysis much easier to find, which is greatly appreciated.

Customer Reviews

When searching for a brand that you want to spend your hard-earned dollar with, finding one that has a consistent 5-star review for all of its products is a great starting point. You could sit and research the brand’s site reading praise for the brand and its products over and over again.

We’ve reviewed and tested many, many CBD brands and products over the years. Extract Labs is at the top of our list in almost every category. From having a mission-driven brand to producing high-quality products in diverse categories, the brand hits a homerun in our books.

Extract Labs should be on your list of brands to research and purchase products from. It’s these types of brands that will keep the CBD industry moving forward with delivering new products that the consumer didn’t even know they were interested in.

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