NicTarOutSlim™ Cigarette Filter for Virgina Slims™

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Price: $16.20


Model SlimAluminum

It is a very special model for Slim Cigarettes. For example Virginia Slim, Eve, More, Cartier...It is specially made for elegant ladies. It is 8 cm long. The mouth-piece is made of plastic and the up part is made of aluminum.

Model SlimGold

It has the same properties as SlimAluminum but the aluminum part is plated with gold color.

In one box, there are:
  • One NicTarOutSlim™ cigarette-holder.
  • 11 filters, one of which is inside the cigarette-holder
  • One cleaning brush
There are 12 boxes in one original package.

Reserve Filters

These filters are used for all NicTarOutSlim™ cigarette-holder models. Each is used for 15-20 cigarettes.

  • Our filter absorbs the tar, nicotine, gases and other hazardous material. It has no other taste or smell, nor does it have any negative effect on the environment.
  • Reducing intake of hazards into your lungs. You will be inhaling less nicotine, tar, gases and other materials thus probably will have less risk to experience bronchitis. Using this filter will positively effect the functioning of your respiration system. It will help you climb stairs more easily and quickly
  • You may notice after one week of using our filters that our morning cough may disappear. It reduces to a minimum coughing and suffocating from smoking. It will reduce the amount of acid smoke in the stomach and intestine produced by smoking. It will reduce the harm that smoking gives to your vascular, vain system.
  • Better morning breath and taste. You will be inhaling less nicotine, tar, gases and other materials thus after using our life saving filters for more than a month your sense of smell and taste may improve greatly.
  • No more brown, black and yellow spots on your teeth, fingers, and whiskers.
  • Smoke dependency and cravings are reduced. It makes it easier for those trying to conquer their smoking addictions and quit.
  • The best way to decrease second hand cigarette smoke. Less hazardous substances are released into the air. If you smoke in a closed area you will not disturb others like the smokers without our filter.
  • A smoother, cleaner flavor is achieved. It doesn't change the taste and aroma of your favorite cigarette. It is very easy to use and provides a cooler, healthier, and cleaner smoking experience.


These filters are used for all Safety Shield Inc. cigarette-holder models. Each one is used for 15-20 cigarettes.

User Information

Safety Shield Inc filters with their crystal filtering system of high depurating power and special structure, absorb the nicotine, tar, gases and other harmful ingredients of tobacco. All these materials are being absorbed and filtered chemically but without changing the the taste and the aroma of the cigarette. One filter, according to the structure of the cigarette , can be used for 15-20 cigarettes depending on the brand of the cigarette. When the color of the filter becomes dark brown and/or the cigarette leaves a bitter taste on your tongue you should replace your filter.

Please; see below the reports and analysis for various brands of cigarettes about the amount of absorption by our filters of carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar and other harmful gasses and ingredients, published by the Istanbul Technical University, Chemistry Faculty, and Chemical Engineering Department.

Please; read the further report and analysis about quantity of the materials absorbed by our filters, made and given by Istanbul Technical University, Chemistry Faculty, and Chemical Engineering Department.

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